UN Group of Experts Report Highlights

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The Government of Rwanda continues to violate the arms embargo by providing direct military support to the M23 rebels, facilitating recruitment, encouraging and facilitating desertions from the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and providing arms, ammunition, intelligence and political advice.

Senior officials of the Government of Uganda have also provided support to M23 in the form of direct troop reinforcements in Congolese territory, weapons deliveries, technical assistance, joint planning,political advice and facilitation of external relations. Units of the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces and the Rwandan Defence Forces jointly supported M23 in a series of attacks in July 2012 to take over the major towns of Rutshuru territory and the Congolese armed forces base of Rumangabo.

While Rwandan officials have coordinated the creation of the rebel movement and its major military operations, the more subtle support of Ugandan officials has allowed the political branch of the rebel group to operate from Kampala and boost its external relations.

Various Southern African Development Community, European, Ugandan and Burundian intelligence agents also confirmed the Group’s findings concerning Rwandan violations of the embargo.

The Rwandan armed forces have evacuated casualties to Rwanda. Two former officers, a senior member of RPF and an ex-CNDP officer informed the Group that the rebels transported most injured Rwandan soldiers fighting alongside M23 to the Kanombe military hospital in Kigali.

Page 7, Paragraph 6: The Government of Rwanda has continued to support M23 and other armed groups in all categories of arms embargo violations previously documented by the Group. Rwandan officials have provided military support to M23 through permanent troop reinforcements and clandestine support through special forces units of the armed forces stationed alongside the Congolese armed forces in Rutshuru for joint operations. Officers of the Rwandan armed forces have also furnished the rebels with weapons, facilitated the evacuation of casualties to Rwanda and shared communication equipment with M23. Recruitment for M23 has continued in Rwandan villages, former CNDP officers have joined the rebellion through Rwandan territory and Front patriotique rwandais (RPF) members have collected funds for the movement. Rwandan officials created the political branch and government of M23 and provided political advice. M23 continues to be commanded by Gen. Bosco Ntaganda, a sanctioned individual who operates under the orders and guidance of Rwandan officials.

Page 7, Paragraph 7: Various Southern African Development Community, European, Ugandan and Burundian intelligence agents also confirmed the Group’s findings concerning Rwandan violations of the embargo."

Page 9, Paragraph 16: The Group has documented a pattern of Rwandan armed forces and M23 intelligence activities on Congolese armed forces positions around the front-line villages of Kibumba and Tongo, defending Goma and Masisi respectively. Since M23 initiated its operations, the Congolese authorities have captured two Rwandan soldiers and a demobilized Rwandan soldier in Kibumba (see annex 9 to the present report). The Group interviewed five other individuals, including two former Rwandan soldiers, an ex-Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR) combatant who had been recruited by M23, an ex-M23 soldier and a Rwandan civilian who had been intercepted while gathering intelligence for M23 in Tongo"