The Candidates

Although eleven candidates are registered for the November 28th elections, for all intents and purposes only three candidates have run a substantive campaign. The candidates are incumbent Joseph Kabila, former president of the Parliament, Vital Kamhere and long-time pro-democracy, opposition figure, Etienne Tshisekedi. Below is an outline of their campaign platforms:

Joseph Kabila
Joseph Kabila is running on a similar platform to the 2006 elections. He has promised to complete the vaunted cinq chantier or five pillars, (development of infrastructure, education and health, energy, jobs and housing. He also reiterates that after the elections Congo will no longer experience war.

Etienne Tshisekedi
Etienne Tshisekedi has vowed to restore the rule of law in the Congo. He has promised to provide the following once elected:
Free education for primary, secondary and university students
Free health care for citizens over the age of 50
Access to water and electricity
Building of roads
Relaunching of Agriculture
Tackle unemployment
Fight against corruption

Vital Kamhere
Vital Kamhere has vowed to take Congo to its rightful place among the grand countries of the world by turning the Congo into the Brazil of Africa. His program includes: development of the economy, introduction of new technology and energy, building of infrastructure and transportation, urbanization and housing, better health care and work, revitalization of Congolese culture, development of the agricultural sector and gender equality.

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