Congo Connect Youth Project

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located literally and figuratively in the heart of Africa. It is central to the future of the African continent. It has a population of 70 million people, of which a majority is under the age of 18. The future of the Congo lies in the development, nurturing, and support of its youth.

Keenly aware of the underlying dynamics of the Congo, Friends of the Congo has partnered with several youth groups to advance the cause of social justice through creative and innovative means using art, music, and technology to promote social justice. One such effort is the establishment of Technology Networking Centers (TNC) to serve primarily the youth but also other sectors of the Congolese society. TNCs are social spaces equipped with computers, internet access and other digital tools that allow the youth to connect and communicate with other young people inside and outside of the Congo. The TNC is a product of Congo Week and the efforts made by Congolese youth each October to highlight the challenges of the Congo and mobilize youth throughout the country to explore Congo’s challenges and produce prescriptions that will improve the living conditions of the sons and daughters of the Congo.

The Technology Networking Centers (TNC) serve as spaces for exchange of ideas, learning, training, activism, communication, employment and entrepreneurship. The aim is to establish 34 centers throughout the country.

Are you an individual with a social conscience? Are you a student group, business or community organization that can make a long term commitment to Congolese youth? Are you committed to sustainable development? Do you believe that technology can give youth a voice and transform social conditions? Pledge to be a partner for social change in the Congo. Make a financial contribution to the Congo Connect Youth Initiative. Ship equipment to:
Friends of the Congo
1629 K Street, NW Ste 300
Washington, DC 20006

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