Congo Faith

Friends of the Congo (FOTC) partners with faith leaders to educate and mobilize their congregations to support peace and justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the following ways:


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1. Film Screening. FOTC's short film (26 minutes) Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth can be downloaded at no cost or screened online from The film is complimented with a screening kit that can also be downloaded from the website. Should an institution wish to receive DVDs for screening or distribution to their congregations, it can send the request to or call 202-584-6512. FOTC encourages faith groups to screen the film and share it with their networks. FOTC is also available to compliment film screenings with speakers in person or via Skype.

2. Congo Worship Liturgy. Friends of the Congo provides a liturgy as a part of its advocacy tool kit. Click here to download the liturgy. Requests for copies of the liturgy may be sent to or call 202-584-6512. Copies of the liturgy are complimented with Congo fact sheets on women, coltan, cobalt, history, politics, geography and the environment.

3. Congo Week. Friends of the Congo encourages faith groups to participate in Congo Week (, which occurs on the third week of October each year. In 2018, Congo Week will occur from October 14 - 20. Congo Week is highlighted by Congo Sunday (October 14, 2018) where faith groups dedicate a prayer or service to the people of the Congo. Congo Week commemorates the millions of lives lost in the Congo while elevating the profile of the Congo and its people's pursuit for peace, justice and human dignity.

4. Make A Financial Contribution. The global movement in support of the Congo is a people’s movement and financed mainly by individuals of goodwill with limited means. We encourage religious institutions to take up offerings to support the printing and mailing of postcards, offset expenses as FOTC representatives travel throughout North America to educate, mobilize and build a global constituency for the Congo. Contributions can be made online at or by mail to: Friends of the Congo, 1629 K Street, NW, Ste 300, Washington, DC 20006.

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