Policy & Issue Briefs

The Democratic Republic of Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act
Friends of the Congo is calling on the US government to implement existing law that can make substantial difference in the situation in the Congo. Public Law 109-456 (The Democratic Republic of Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act).

PL 109-456 was sponsored by then Senator Obama, co-sponsored by Senator Hillary Clinton and signed into law in 2006 by President Bush. However it has not been fully implemented.

Letter From Congolese Elected Officials to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
We take the opportunity given to us by your presence on the land of our forefathers, to bring to your attention that the DR Congo that you visit so far is not only affected by the result of wars of aggression unjustly imposed on our people for almost 15 years, but is also a country where the democratic process led by the United Nations is bogged down, thus bringing into question the credibility of the United Nations in a country that throughout its history, hasn’t ceased to be subjected to this huge organization, in both World Wars I & II and the Cold War. That is why, at first, we urge the Obama Administration to consider the following two points>>

Core Prescriptions
Click here (PDF) for a condensed version of core prescriptions offered by representative from Congolese civil society, political sector and women's groups.

Congolese Elected Officials Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Click here to access the letter written by Members of the Congolese Parliament to Secretary of State Clinton outlining policies that the United States should pursue to advance peace in the the Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Seven Point Plan for US Policy Towards The Congo
Click here to access the seven-point plan of action that Justine Masika of Synergie des Femmes, presented to the United States Congress that outlines core policy prescriptions for US foreign policy in the Congo.

Great Lakes Coalition of Africa Brief on the UN Mapping Exercise Report Presented to the US Congress
Click here (PDF) to download brief presented to the US Congress on March 2011 regarding steps the US Congress ought to take to follow-up on the UN Mapping Exercise Report, published, October 1, 2010.

Great Lakes Coalition of Africa Brief on the 2011 Congo Elections Presented to the US Congress
Click here to download the prescriptions offered to the US Senate by the Coalition as to how the US ought to respond to the 2011 elections.

Peace Strategy
The peace strategy document is a listing of legislative priorities supported by progressive groups in Washington, DC. Click here (PDF) to download document.

Conflict Mineral Trade Act Critique
The conflict mineral critique is an analysis by Friends of Congo regarding the shortcomings and limitations of the Conflict Minerals Trade Act. Click here (PDF) to download critique.

DRC Analysis
by Kris Berwouts,
Director EurAc
Brussels January 27th 2010
Click here to download analysis (PDF)
The purpose of this document is to bring together the elements of the two visits in one single analysis.  I am convinced of the fact that it is part of EurAc’s added value to consider the discussion in eastern Congo in the light of the Democratic Republic’s inability to establish and apply all its institutions and its instruments to impose the rule of law. The country has been unable to make any progress towards the restructuring of the state on the basis of the support provided by the 2006 electoral procedure.

I have just completed, with a bit of delay, a resume of my findings, my impressions and the insights and information shared with me by the various people I talked to, and brought together into one political analysis.