Justice for Journalist Mwamba Bapwa


Mwamba Bapwa, assassinated in Kinshasa on July 8, 2006 by uniformed men believed to be associated with thugs in power in the Democratic Republic of Congo was a longtime member of the progressive group of journalists opposed to Mobutu dictatorship regime.

In the 80's, he escaped, with a few other of his camarades from Mobutu's death treats and found asile in France where his family joined him. While poursuing his education at the Sorbonne University in France, Bapwa continued to denounce the undemocratic policies of the Congo's government under the leadership of Laurent Kabila as well as under Joseph Kabila. His writings in the Jeune Afrique Economique where he worked for a couple of years as well as through other Congolese newspapers reflected nothing but his decication and devotion to the principles of freedom of expression and equal justice for all.

Like Mobutu in the 80's, Joseph Kabila felt threatned by Mwamba Bapwa's involvement in the Congolese people's quest to shed light on those who are promoting him to become the next president of DRC. His men have attempted before to silence Mwamba Bapwa as revealed by his young brother who lived with him. They are the same people who took his life.

I am a longtime friend of Mwamba Bapwa and was one of the progressive group of Congolese journalists who escaped from Mobutu's dictatorship persecution in the 80's. Later in 1997 after Laurent Kabila came to power, I visited the Congo and was kidnapped and jailled for 8 months by the diceased president's political police. I know how the political and judicial system operates in Congo. Journalists are listed as first ennemis of the man in power followed by higher education students, labor unions leaders, etc. There can be no doubt who is behind the uniformed men who violated Bapwa's house twice took his money and then shut him to death.

Having survived myself the attempts of assassination in the hands of Congo's previous dictators thanks to the support of several humanitarian and journalists organizations around the world, I am asking you to take a closer look, through your own investigation into the circumstances of Mwamba Bapwa's assassination and bring to the attention of the world whatever you may found. The wold deserves to know the truth about the crimes committed by those who govern the Congo and who are being promoted by the international community.

Thank you for your support and help to Mwamba Bapwa's family in particular and to the Congolese people in general.

Fungula Fumu Ngondji

Founder and General Secretary of the

Union of Professional Journalists of the Congo


Stockton, California, USA
Contact: fngondji@yahoo.com