FOTC Financials

Please visit the Friends of the Congo Guidestar profile in order to access financials and other programmatic information about our organization. Friends of the Congo's Guidestar Bridge Number is: 3460986353. Please call FOTC at 202-584-6512 or send email to should you wish to receive a copy of our organization's IRS determination letter.

Should you wish to make a contribution to our work via crypto currency, please see wallets below:

Bitcoin: 1Am79ni55k6m2xvUgHxNFvC8ktdEmysewt

Litecoin: LW9tXqMuc5bAvvQxrZbPDp6qg7zRB8t2tw

Ethereum: 0xF12C43Ea8D3Ea3ad00Af64aF4B15f6DEaE9dcF2B

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