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November 2010
Rwandan Constitutional Law and the Oppression of Political Opposition and Dissidents
Adapted from the article "Leaked: Rwandan Secret Services’ Plan to Eliminate Victoire Ingabire" on "The Proxy Lake" blog on 17 October 2010.1
Editing and additions by David Barouski (an independent writer and researcher).

November 2009
The Congolese Jigsaw Puzzle: A brief look into the complexity of the Democratic Republic of Congo´s success and failures in development
By Mary Ellen Manda, RN BSN and
David Suze Manda, International MA, PhD candidate

March 2009

To follow your heart, take a leap: A father's commitment to Africa lives on in his daughter's work for justice
By Makeda Crane
Published in the Baltimore Sun

February 2009
Imperial Clash On The Congo Resource Front
By Ken Anderson
Professor, American University

January 2009
The historical Rwandan genocide perpetuates Great Lakes Region’s instability
by David Suze Manda, MA in Peace, Conflict and Development

December 2008

Why Is Democracy Still A Difficult Concept To Grasp In DR Congo?
by David Suze Manda, MA in Peace, Conflict and Development

November 2008

US Foreign Policy: DR Congo, the Biggest Moral Failure of the Bush Administration
by Sylvestre Ngoma, MS. Information Technology Teacher

A World Playground: Congolese People Sacrificed for International Games and Profits

by Roxanne Stasyszyn

October 2008
A Plea And A Cry For Ending The 6 Million Congolese Deaths
by David Suze Manda, MA in Peace, Conflict and Development

March 2008
Quagmire for People in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Request to Leaders of Developed Countries
by Matthieu Waakalewae Yangambi, Ed.D

February 2008

The Political and Psychological Empowerment of the African
by Solomon Comissiong

The Gertler Steinmetz Bling Bang Torah Gang
by keith harmon snow

December 2007
Casualties in the Scramble for Congo’s Resources
by Maurice Carney, Executive Director, FOTC
Carrie Crawford, Chair, FOTC

"Tragedy Unlimited" Says IFJ as Killings of Journalists in 2007 Maintain Record Levels

by Georgianne Nienaber

Of All The Culprits For the Crimes in The Congo
by George Bakaly Sembe

October 2007
BLOOD DIAMOND:Doublethink & Deception Over Those Worthless Little Rocks of Desire
by keith harmon snow & Rick Hines

A New Leadership
by George Bakaly Sembe

March 2007
An Obscure and Uncertain Future for the Democratic Republic of Congo
by Matthieu Waakalewae Yangambi, Ed.D
For the National Movement for Democracy and Federalism,
Organization Member of the Advocacy Network for Africa

February 2007
The Devil Amongst Us
by George Bakaly Sembe

Raising Of Leopold's Statue In Drc Sparks Controversy In Africa And New Interest In African Film Festival
by Elombe Brath

Remembering Thomas Kanza, Lumumba's Ambassador To UN
by Elombe Brath

December 2006

A Miracle
by George Bakaly Sembe

November 2006

Report by Chris Levick An International Observer With the United Nations Association of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Presidential Run Off and Provincial Elections Held on Sunday, October 29, 2006
by Chris Levick

Congolese Leadership (PDF)
by George Bakaly Sembe

October 2006

A Call To All Congolese And Friends Of The Congo
by George Bakaly Sembe

Introduction To The Congo Question: The British

by Frederick YAMUSANGIE

Beyond Political and Military Solutions in DRC Crises: The Ethical Consumerism
by Frederick YAMUSANGIE

Oh My Congo (Part 1)
by Frederick YAMUSANGIE

Stealth Conflicts: Africa’s World War in the DRC and
International Consciousness

by Virgil Hawkins

September 2006

Broken Dreams
by George Bakaly Sembe

Le Choix Entre:Kabila Et Bemba Ou Entre Gizenga Et Tshisekedi?
by Fungula Fumu Ngondji

August 2006
Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Haiti, DRC:
CCA Call In Facing The Same Political Syndrome

by Dr. Mbaya Kankwenda

Update on the Congo

by David Barouski

February 2006
Is The Congo Being Targeted For New Intervention?
by Elombe Brath

The Congo At 45; Lumumba At 80: In Tribute To An Ongoing Struggle
by Elombe Brath

Why Belgium And The U.S. Don't Want You To See "Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

by Elombe Brath

The Congolese Constitution: A Critique
by George Bakaly Sembe, Student of Law and Economics, London, England

July 2006
A Tribute To Patrice Emery Lumumba, On The 80th Anniversary Of His Birth
by Elombe Brath