An Obscure and Uncertain Future for the Democratic Republic of Congo

March 2007

National Movement for Democracy and Federalism
Democratic Republic of Congo
An Obscure and Uncertain Future for
the Democratic Republic of Congo

Matthieu Waakalewae Yangambi, Ed.D

The Belgian government has managed to make Joseph Kabila, a native of the Republic of Rwanda and a highly unqualified individual and war criminal, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This placement in the guise of democracy is an insult to the democratic values established in the Belgian Kingdom. Given this misguided support for Joseph Kabila, the status of the Belgian Kingdom as a European developed country is highly questionable. Its action in the Congo has sent mixed messages about the use of democratic values in the Kingdom of Belgium and, consequently, should be a serious and unbearable humiliation to the decent people of Belgium.

The Belgian government has deeply disappointed the people of the DRC, who were expecting their country to establish democracy after the transitional period through free and fair democratic elections. Instead, the Belgian government has squandered its time and efforts sabotaging the overall electoral process. The blind trust the people of the DRC had in the Belgian government has led them back to square one. The killing machine and forced misery continue to be part of their lives, unfortunately, with the blessing of the Belgian government.

It is disheartening to observe that out of many Belgian government members, Mr. Karel De Gucht, minister of foreign affairs, is the only one with logical reasoning concerning the events unfolding in the DRC. The declarations coming from Mr. Andre Flahaut, minister of defense, and Mr. Armand De Decker of cooperation and development, both members of the Belgian government, are not far from those declared by trouble minded persons in specialized medical institutions. It is insane and appalling for the Belgian government to condone deliberate killings of the innocent and defenseless people of the DRC. It is evident that the Congolese people’s struggle to recover everlasting peace and prosperity must be directed toward the malicious tactics of the Belgian government.

Joseph Kabila, with the blessing of the Belgian government, has:

1. Attempted to kill his political rival, Mr. Bemba, while in a meeting with diplomats in his home. Nothing is too outrageous for the Belgian government.
2. Sent his militia to kill peaceful protestors in the Bas-Congo province. He has not shown any remorse as a native president should do.
3. Negotiated with another war criminal, his Rwandan compatriot Laurent Nkundabatware, a dissident general in Kivu province, to have his militia given special treatment in the Congolese national army, while it is well established that this dissident general is responsible for the killing of civilians, rape and many other sorts of inhumane acts.
4. Instead of leading negotiating tactics with Mr. Bemba to solve the differences and save human lives, he has preferred to use his deceiving military expertise, and return to killing without remorse.

In addition, some portions of Congolese land have been forcefully taken by the Angola government (Kahemba) and by foreign bandits—Minembwe in Kivu, Mbororo in Oriental province—and recently some Zambian soldiers have claimed Kapingu village in Katanga to be theirs. The Belgian government protégé, Joseph Kabila, is not bothered by

these actions. No native of the DRC serving as a lawful elected President can afford to stay indifferent to these national humiliations.

The Belgian government’s blind eyes on Joesph Kabila’s dreadful actions in the Congo have compromised the hopes of the Congolese and veritable friends of the Congo on the establishment of true democracy in the DRC. It cannot be alright for the Belgian government to allow Joseph Kabila to keep a militia of 14,000 men scattered around the country for his protection, outside the national army. This compromises Joseph Kabila’s and the Belgian government’s efforts to pacify the entire Congo. Any native of the Congo has difficulty understanding such a dismissive attitude toward the Congo and its people.

Had the people of the Congo been given the opportunity to freely elect their own national leaders, peace and prosperity would be on the way to being established by now. The Belgian government has so seriously disappointed the people of the Congo that the appreciation reserved for the Belgians by the Congolese has been profoundly eroded.

We call upon all people of goodwill in the Kingdom of Belgium to help restore order and democracy in the Congo and get rid of the criminals and incompetents in the DRC leadership

No matter what the illogical minded people of the Belgium condone against the will of the people of Congo, peace and prosperity will be returned to the Congo.

We wish this message to reach every Congolese native and all friends of the Congolese people. Please, spread the word--before it is too late.

God exists for all humanity.


For the National Movement for Democracy and Federalism,

Organization Member of the Advocacy Network for Africa,

Matthieu Waakalewae Yangambi, Ed.D.


Providence, RI, USA